Sunday, June 21, 2009

Young Jeezy Addresses Club Stabbing Incident

Young Jeezy recently addressed rumors that members of his CTE crew got stabbed at Luckie Lounge in Atlanta on Wednesday (June 17). Jeezy did admit to being at the club but denied rumors that members of his entourage got stabbed.

"We was at the bar, I know they said something broke out, but we ain't catch nothing. We got up out of the building and we left. Headed back to the studio and kicked it. Hell no! N*ggas stab me? Ain't no one dead is it? [Laughs] Nah, we one hundred, quit playing. I'm a tell you something too man, you better quit listening to them TMZ-*ss dudes, man. Come on man. These internet gangstas... I mean, b*tches. Nah, we good man. We one hundred. Everybody we left with was good. Club pretty much closed after that. I ain't see nothing so I can't tell ya. We had a ball, man. We got up outta there."

The fight, which involved at least 10 people, broke out in the VIP area of the Luckie Food Lounge on Luckie Street in Atlanta at about 2:30am, according to reports.

Police said one man was slashed on the face and two others were stabbed in the arm. All three men were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. Police detained and questioned several people who were in the club, but officers say they are not cooperating.

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