Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Juicy J Resurrects Crunk Music With New Solo Album

Every now and then, an over zealous artist will make a commitment to single-handedly revive a particular genre of music that, in their opinion, is nearing an untimely demise.

Usher wanted to resuscitate R&B, Lil Wayne vowed to keep Hip Hop alive, and Three 6 Mafia's Juicy J has taking on a similar task with his pledge to resurrect "Crunk Music".

With the release of his forthcoming solo album Hustle Til I Die, Juicy J plans to return the original "crunk sound" to the peak of music's hierarchy. A position "Crunk Music" hasn't held since its staggering dominance at the top of the decade.

Unlike some hip hop and R&B pessimists of the past, Juicy doesn't announce that "Crunk" is dead. Instead, he concludes that the subgenre is just adjusting to the continuous shifts and trends in hip hop music.

"I will never say its dead, it's different," Juicy J told "The Crunk now is not like the hollering chants that we used to do back in the day. It's not like it used to be."

Because of his desire to remain a relevant hip hop artist, Juicy J is not opposed to innovation and praises new artists who are able to tweak the "Dirty South" sound to fit their individual talents.

"A lot of young cats - they do it a different way," says Juicy. "I'm not mad at nobody. Get your money. God bless. This is our talent; if you making some money with it, that's a blessing."

But as a veteran in the game, the third member of the Memphis super group still honors the importance of maintaining a distinct and signature sound.

"I just took it back to the old Three 6 Mafia, the ones that the fans want to see," Juicy J explained. "It's a lot of fans that wanted to hear a lot of the older stuff. This is not no major release - just an independent album - so I made it straight for the gutter, straight for the streets. I just took it back. I put a lot of work in this album. I got my subjects on there that I talking about, but its like the Three 6 Mafia original sound."

Juicy J's Hustle Til I Die is set to drop on June 16. The album features Gorilla Zoe, Project Pat, V-Slash, Webbie, and Gucci Mane.

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