Friday, June 12, 2009

Brian McKnight Readies New Album After 3 Years Hiatus

Brian McKnight is back with his first set of all-new material after a hiatus of three years. His first single What I've Been Waiting For will "go to radio in the next two weeks," he predicts.

"If the deadline was today, I'd be perfectly comfortable putting a record out," McKnight told "But I didn't want to rush and push anything. I wanted to let the ideas grow and evolve, naturally. As the deadline approaches I'm getting more and more creative; I wrote two songs today before I even sat down at the piano."

The as-yet-untitled album is his first set since 2006's Ten and will be released via a joint venture between his own label and E1 Music, formerly KOCH Records.

McKnight says that he has "taken some different directions" on the upcoming album

The singer's album features duets with Stevie Wonder on a song called Without You and with Jill Scott on More Than Just A Thing.

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