Friday, November 27, 2009

Lil Boosie Says He Needs Rehab Not Jail

Rapper Lil Boosie, real name Torrence Hatch, was convicted for possession of marijuana and violated his house arrest and was ordered to serve 10 years in prison.

Lil Boosie felt the jail time would be beneficial for him at first but now feels he simply needs rehab for his marijuana addiction. The rapper feels his sentence is unfair and that he's being judged on his alter ego Lil Boosie, instead of the true person he is inside, Torrence Hatch.

"If I made a mistake with marijuana, why am I not eligible for rehab?" Boosie questioned. "I've been on marijuana since a teenager. I need some rehab. Jail is not rehab."

"They're treating me on who they think I am. They judging me on Boosie Bad Azz, not Torrence Hatch, I had to do these two shows these last two days to feed my family."

Lil Boosie claimed he violated his house arrest to do shows in order to feed his children. This will his forth prison sentence, three of which for marijuana possession. Lil Boosie is now serving his two year sentence at Winn Correctional Center in Louisiana and he will have to complete five years of probation once released.

Thursday, November 26, 2009



1. Real shit intro
2. 4 My Town - Birdman, lil wyane, Drake
3. Trigger Play - Gucci mane ft Juvenile
4. Rollin On Beans - D.Blake
5. Lemonade - Gucci Mane
6. Turn It Up - Ludacris
7. Drop (remix) ester dean, lil wayne, chris brown
8. Let it Bump - Emenim ft lil wyane, fabolus
9. Never Happened - Corperate
10.Im shining - Juvenile
11.I wanna rock - snoop dog ft busta rymes
12.Damm - Waka flocka ft Oj da juice
13.Roll Da Dice - Slick Pulla
14.Ghetto Streets - D.Blake
15.I Know What You Like- Lil Ru
16.When we come around- Drake
17.My Chuka - Lil Jon
18.Top Of the world - Rich Boy
19.Im Popn - Freeky zeeky ft Jim Jones
20.Hood Stories - Gheddy
21.Tryna Win - Jim Jones ft maino
22.So Appaled - Kanye West



Friday, November 13, 2009

Gucci Mane Sentenced to One Year in Jail

Yesterday (November 12) Gucci Mane was sentenced to 12 months in jail for probation violation during a scheduled court appearance yesterday, and according to his lawyer began serving his time immediately. According to MTV, in line with the terms of his sentence Gucci may be released from jail in six months.

Gucci was just released from jail earlier this year in March after serving more than 6 months on a one year sentence stemming from his failure to fulfill his court-ordered 600 hours of community service from an assault case from 2005. Since then though, the rapper has arguably become one of the hottest MCs in hip-hop. With a feature on tracks from Omarion, Mario, and 50 Cent he not only conquered the underground with his mixtapes, but brought his sound to mainstream radio as well.

His aptly-titled album, The State vs. Radric Davis, will be his second studio release is set to hit stores on December 8th. The first single from the album, Wasted featuring Plies, is Gucci's most successful single to date and is his first top 40 hit. The album will feature collaborations with Cam'ron, Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka, Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole, Rick Ross, and many more.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Chris Brown's Tour A Flop? His Camp Says No

Chris Brown's camp went into damage control mode when rumors began to circulate that the singer's career was so wounded by the Rihanna incident that no one was buying tickets to his upcoming "Fan Appreciation" tour.
Yo! Raps previously dropped the news of Brown's new mini tour in anticipation for the release of his new album Graffiti.

Despite heavy promotional pushes, however, word around town was that Brown's name was so tainted sellers couldn't give away the tickets, much less get people to purchase them.

With motives of rescuing the singer from worsening public image, his camp quickly pounced on the rumors, dismissing them as inaccurate.

"Dates are expected to sell out, and given the economic climate, ticket sales... are doing very well. In fact, at the Nokia in NYC approximately 1800 out of 2100 tickets were sold in just 4 days. Additionally, the Atlanta show is sold out and 644 tickets were sold in Connecticut in 1 hour," a statement reportedly attributed to Brown's agent read.

In addition to his tour, Brown also recently decided to move up the release date for the album.

Instead of dropping on December 15th, the album will now grace stores on the 8th.

Yung Joc Gets Released From Bad Boy/Block Ent.: "I'm Doing My Own Thing Now"

Months of public bashing and behind-the-scenes flip flopping have been punctuated with Yung Joc's freedom from the record label shackles that bound him.

Joc took to Baller Status to divulge the details surrounding his long awaited release from the labels, a process he says has already begun.

"I just got my release and one of the terms of the release was a defamation clause, so honestly, I can't really talk about it too much," Joc revealed. "I've been released, severed the business ties. May God bless them and their regime, but I'm doing my own thing now. I'm actually in negotiations right now with a few labels. I just choose not to call out the different entities. Things are looking very good, God is very good. When I was going through this whole thing with the Bad Boy/Block situation, I didn't know what the other side was going to be. I didn't know if there was going to be light on the other end. I was hopeful, but it's actually working out for the best. I ain't mad, nobody's mad right now, everything is good."

Joc previously dished on his relationship with Diddy and the powers that be at Block Ent. in an unfavorable interview with Billboard over the summer.

"I haven't been paid any royalties since I've been out, after over a million albums sold," Joc said. "For my first album, they gave me a $25,000 advance when I was supposed to get more... Then I had a million dollar budget for my second album, never even got an advance off of it. For the third one they hit me with another $25,000, like I'm some chump in this sh*t. And I just got tired of it... Diddy said he's got to stay out of it because it's between me and Block Entertainment. I was never signed to Block Entertainment, but they've been interfering with a lot of my business. I feel like [Bad Boy] isn't doing anything to try to intervene and help the situation."

Thursday, November 5, 2009



Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rick Ross Goes At 50 Cent On "Baby By Me (Remix)"

Yesterday (November 2), rapper Rick Ross released a remixed version of 50 Cent's Baby By Me song featuring Ne-Yo. On the song, Ross alludes to the fire that burned down 50 Cent's baby mama's house rapping, "Have a baby by me baby, the realest n*gga 'round. He'll huff and puff and burn your house down."

The verse continues with Ross saying, "I ball like Lebron James, I'm Dwayne Wade laughing in my driveway, funny everybody paid/ Standing tall, we in the club it's like we on that. I catch your homie slippin', I hope they know I'm on that/ Teflon Don, baby, Al Capone back, Boss/ John Gotti poppin' Prozac. I'm a fly n*gga, I'm a Guy Fischer. This is for my hungry n*ggas/ But now we eat a lot/ Once Again, GGG-G-Unot!"

The release of Ross' remix to Baby By Me coincides with the unveiling of the video for the official version of the song, and comes days after, 50 Cent took several shots at Rick Ross'group, Triple C's. 50 called the rap group, Triple Cheese and asserted that the only way they would sell over 10,000 copies is if they purchased some albums themselves.

50 Cent's newest album Before I Self Destruct is due in stores on November 16th.