Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rihanna's Father: Chris Brown Should Be In Jail

If Rihanna's father, Ronald Fenty, had his way Chris Brown would be locked away in jail for the alleged assault of his daughter.
According to Fenty, Brown was handed a "light" sentence of community service and probation in connection with the well publicized physical altercation with Rihanna back in February.

As previously reported, Brown was ordered by the court to complete six months of community service, in addition to five years probation and attendance at a domestic violence program.

In Fenty's opinion, however, Brown's sentence pales in comparison to the "hell" Rihanna went through and he blames what he considers a faulty U.S. justice system.

"He should be in jail," Fenty told an unknown source. "Chris should have been sent to jail for what he did to my girl. He's got off lightly. Chris put her through hell."

Rumor has is that Rihanna does not agree, as she has reportedly asked to have the restraining order, aimed to keep Chris away from her, lifted.

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  1. come on , things happened , lets forget it now, and move on , waiting for rihanna's new album