Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daz Dillinger Released Tupac Tribute Album, Disses JD & Suge Knight

Westcoast rapper Daz Dillinger recently released a tribute album to the late great Tupac Shakur. The set, Dillinger & Makaveli II: Streetz Of LA Special Edition, is a group project by Daz and DJ Nik Bean and consists of new raps over a collection of beats Tupac previously used.

The album contains a song where Daz disses Suge Knight, Jermaine Dupri and Alan Grumblatt. The song, which is entitled Fuck You Roll Call - JD, Suge Knight & Alan Grumblatt, appears on the street album, which was released in celebration of Tupac's birthday June 16th.

Alan Grumblatt is the president of E1 Music (formerly Koch Records) which was once the label home of Dillinger. Daz also has history with Dupri and Suge Knight having previously recorded for So So Def and Death Row Records.

On the diss record Daz starts off by saying, "I want to say a big 'Fuck You' to Jermaine Dupri, Suge Knight, any other motherfuckers I've had business quarrels with... Alan Grumblatt from Koch, fat fucker."

Daz was reportedly the producer of a lot of Tupac's Death Row era music and although he didn't receive credit for a lot of his work he did successfully sue the label in 2001.


1. Intro
2. Goin Full Throttle
3. Tell Me What You Got Now
4. Fuk You Roll Call - JD, Suge Knight & Alan Grumblatt
5. Till The Day I Die
6. Get That Paper ft. Fratthouse
7. Daz Speaks On 1st Meeting 2Pac
8. 2Pac Songs Produced By Daz
9. Daz Speaks On New DPG LP
10. 1st 2 Bomb
11. I Ain't Got
12. She Like Datt ft. Crystal
13. It's Crazy
14. On The Real ft. Soopafly
15. So Many Tears
16. Daz Speaks On New Solo LP Public Enemiez
17. Life Stages
18. I Know U Wanna
19. Gin & Juice ft. Kurupt & Uncle Reo
20. La Brenda Got A Baby Too
21. Don't Get Caught Slippin
22. Hit Daz Up On The Internet
23. Lookin Cute
24. Party Don't Stop ft. Mac Shawn
25. I'm 2 High
26. Outro

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