Friday, June 12, 2009

Mary J. Blige Defends Use Of Auto-Tune

Mary J. Blige also jumps in on the use of the vocal enhancement style Auto-Tune.

The R&B queen used Auto-Tune on her new single The One, featuring Canadian rapper Drake, but fans shouldn't expect more of it on her upcoming album.

"This whole album I've done is Mary," Blige told Angie Martinez on her New York radio show.

The One was just an introduction to the "Crazy Mary," according to the singer.

"It was for effect," Mary said of using Auto-Tune. "I wanted 'Crazy Mary' to get her shine on. She couldn't get her shine with my regular voice. I used the effect. I used it as a telephone effect or reverb."

When asked about the whole debate using Auto-Tune, she said "I won't say that it bothers me, because people do what they have to do. I can't pass judgment. Everyone else does what they do, and everyone has their own opinion. To each his own. Do what you do, because I do what I do."

Mary's new album is scheduled to hit stores in November and one of the hottest up-b-coming artists, Drake, is one of her collaborators.

"I'm actually a fan. Drake is incredible," she said of her track guest. "I met him at Summer Jam, very respectable. That was the first time I met him. Really nice kid. I love the record [Best I Ever Had]. Every woman in the world should love that record. He's very innocent and humble. He's like, 'I'm just doing what I do and happy to be doing it.'"

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