Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finland Record Label Accuses Timbaland Of Stealing Beats

Kernel Records, a Finland based record company, is accusing singer Nelly Furtado and super producer Timbaland of stealing elements of one of their songs for Furtado's song Do It.

The track was featured on Furtado's 2006 album Loose. Kernel Records claims the beat was original used for Acidjazzed Evening, a song originally recorded in 2000 by composer Janne Suni. According to Kernel Records, Timbaland knowingly and willfully stole the song.

In 2007, the producer was accused by several independent producers that accused him of plagiarism via YouTube, using video evidence. The production of Do It was also cited as being stolen work.

Timabaland answered those allegations saying, "That mess is so ridiculous. I can't really discuss it because it's a legal matter. But that's why people don't believe it. It's from a video game, idiot. Sample and stole is two different things. Stole is like I walked in your house, watched you make it, stole your Pro Tools, went to my house and told Nelly, 'Hey I got a great song for you.' Sample is like you heard it somewhere and you just sampled. Maybe you didn't know who it was by because it doesn't have the credits listed."

According to, Kernel Records is currently suing Mosley Music, LLC, and Geffen Records, requesting that the release, performance, reprinting, and sale of Do It be prohibited.

Timbaland has yet to comment on the latest allegations.

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