Sunday, June 21, 2009

Drake Says Label Announcement "Five Days Away"

As speculation and rumors abound, hip hop newcomer Drake says he is almost ready to set the record straight about what record label he will be calling his home.
Although skimpy on the details during a sit down with WGGC yesterday (June 18), Drake says he plans to give up the goods in less than a weeks time.

"I'm like, maybe, five days away maybe," Drake reportedly said. "Just give me five days, I'm sorry, I can't. The burning question will be answered in five days...I'm out here in Miami working with Pharrell and I'm even realizing oh, we got so much more to give to these people. I just started working on my album pretty much a couple days ago and I'm still seeing the creativity is flowing at an amazing level."

Drake's selection of a record label has been the subject of much conversation since it was announced that several majors were engaging him in a bidding war.

Despite the rumors, some speculated he was already signed to Lil' Wayne's Young Money camp, a claim Drake has since denied.

"I'm not signed to Young Money but definitely Young Money is a family to me," he told Vibe. "I'm definitely YM affiliated, you know? I have the utmost love for everybody over there, the utmost respect. Mack Maine and Jae Millz, those are like brothers to me, you know? Nicki [Minaj]...And now that I'm in this position I'm just trying to get everything all the way straight."

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