Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mariah Carey Disses Eminem In New Song "Obsessed"

Up until now, the practice of "beefing on wax" was a characteristic exclusive to hip hop. But recently this concept has begun to gradually fuse itself into the realm of R&B.

Newcomer Keri Hilson was the first to initiate a buzz worthy R&B beef when she boldly took shots at international star, Beyonce. Then R&B lightweight, Trey Songz took this same boldness a step further when he dissed a musical heavyweight like R. Kelly. But Mariah Carey surpasses both of these valiant attempts with a true "David vs. Goliath" act of her own by going up against one of hip hop's most dangerous lyricists... Eminem!

Mariah's first single, Obsessed, from her forthcoming album features a few verses in which she pokes fun at the Detroit rapper who has repeatedly insulted the pop diva in his songs, the most recent being his 2009 hit Relapse.

Carey first takes a shot at Em's ego when she suggests that her stardom outweighs his celebrity with lyrics like, "I'm a corporation. I'm a press conference...(and) you're a conversation."

This track is a bit more daring than Mariah's 2003 "diss" track Clown because the Grammy-winning singer decides to make light of a serious subject when she regards Eminem's past issues with substance abuse as the reason why the Slim Shady star is so "obsessed" with her.

"You're delusional, boy, you're losing your mind... It must be weed, it must be the E... Why are you so obsessed with me? Lying that you're sexing me," Carey sings on the track.

The controversial single, released Tuesday (June 16), is described by Mariah as "different, but so me." The pop star's album, Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, is set to drop August 25.

Looks like Mariah doesn't need Nick Cannon's help after all.

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