Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sticky Fingaz Reveals Plans For Gun Safety PSA

After accidentally shooting his friend in the leg and shattering his shin bone, Sticky Fingaz says he is committing himself to a PSA on gun safety.

As previously reported by Yo! Raps, the rapper/actor recently made headlines over the incident which left his friend, Luce, being hauled off to have emergency surgery.

Sticky was reportedly showing Luce his Desert Eagle when the weapon accidentally discharged.

Despite the unfortunate incident, Sticky says there is no bad blood between the two and that his friend is still recovering from his wounds.

"This incident was unfortunate, but could have been much worse," he reportedly told an unknown source. "I'm just happy Luce is recovering and in good condition."

As a result of the accident, Sticky is also said to be trying to work out the details behind putting together a PSA to promote gun safety.

At press time, there were no further details about the rapper's plans on that front.

As far as Onyx is concerned, however, the group is about to set off on their latest US and Canada tour called The Black Rock on July 9.

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