Monday, December 28, 2009

Mary J. Blige Has A Fist Fight With Her Husband

"You're not going to ruin my night."

Singer, record producer, and actress Mary J. Blige recently released her latest album titled Stronger With Each Tear. Last Tuesday (December 22) was her album release party where she and her husband of 7 years Kendu Isaacs were seen getting into a physical altercation.

According to reports, Kendu Isaacs was spotted flirting with the multiple waitresses which caused Mary J. to become upset and guest of the party had to separate the couple before it went any further.

"What are you gonna do, Chris Brown me?"

Although the footage caught on tape supports the alleged altercation, Mary J.'s publicist Kerynne Tencer stated that the incident never occurred.

"People lie and don't know what they're talking about, they're as happy as can be. They're spending the holidays together with their three children. Everything's great."

Mary J.'s new album features an array of artist such as Drake, Trey Songz, and T.I. with production from The Runners, Tricky Stewart, and Ryan Leslie, just to name a few.

50 Cent Interview With Dj Semtext! (50 Wants To Know Why Its Wrong For Beanie Sigel To Diss Jay-Z But When The Game Disrespects Curtis Its Ok)

Female Rap Beef: Trina Goes In On Khia After Dj Lets Khia Perform Before Her@ "We Dont Play No Wack Ass Bitch Sh*t. Thats Fake Sh*t"

Trina goes in on Khia

50 Cent Confronted On Stage By A Fan

According to DJ Whoo Kid, 50 Cent had another fan confront him while he was on stage during a concert. This latest incident happened last Monday night (December 21), while the rapper was in Nigeria.

"Finally out of Nigeria!!" wrote Whoo Kid on Twitter. He continued on to write that although the fan made it on the stage they were able to get away.

"Last show they shot AK47s at the fans - wtf!!!! It felt so good to see a BIG MAC in Germany!!! Food!! I'm A ALIVE! ALIVE!!! 1st concert in Nigeria, Africa the whole city power grid went out during What Up Gangser and Fan jumped on stage at 50 again Escaped in Black out!!! Video will be up soon!!!! I am still sh*tting on myself from the food and waters...yipes are there pampers in Germany!"

50's first encounter with a fan in Africa, which took place around May 2008, didn't go so well. He was performing on stage during a concert in Angola, when according to a fan's video footage a person from the crowd jumped on the stage, grabbed Fif's necklace, and then climbed back into the crowd. Fif denies that things went down the way the fan's video shows, but instead insists he has footage of the incident that shows him pushing the person off the stage and then jumping into the crowd, thus causing "all hell to break loose."

Thursday, December 24, 2009



YoungBloodZ Rapper Sean P Arrested In Atlanta

Sean P, half of the southern rap duo YoungBloodZ was arrested for disorderly conduct in North-West Atlanta early Tuesday (December 22) morning following an incident at the nightclub, Tongue and Groove.

The30-year-old rapper was at the club hosting a release party for his latest mixtape, Cornerstore Da Mixtape, which reached the internet in October of this year. While the details surrounding the incident are still unknown, Sean P, whose real name is Sean Paul Joseph, was charged with both disorderly conduct and battery, but the latter was later dropped. He appeared in court on Tuesday (December 22) where his bond was set at $1,500 according to local channel, WSBT News.

Sean Paul, who changed his name to Sean P to distinguish himself from the Reggae artist of the same name, first gained recognition from the hip-hop community when he joined forces with fellow Atlanta rapper J-Bo to form the group YoungBloodZ. Together the two released hit singles such as U-Way in 1999, 85 in 2000, and Damn! from 2003, which is their only top 10 single to date.

Sean is currently working on his second solo project tentatively titled, Very Necessary, which was originally set to be released in 2008 under LaFace Records, but it will now hit stores in 2010 via Cornerstore Entertainment/Asylum/Warner Music Group.

- By Sharniece Moore

Kid Cudi Arrested At Gunpoint

Kid Cudi was arrested at gunpoint yesterday (December 22) after finishing a photo shoot at the Joyrich Store in Melrose Avenue due to a case of mistaken identity by the police.

According to reports, the rapper was pulled over by an officer while on Fairfax Avenue. Cudi was with his entourage in two SUVs and a jeep when two police cars blocked off the road and three others pulled up next to the vehicles. The passengers were then ordered to get out of their vehicles with their hands on their heads, and then were made to kneel on the ground where they were handcuffed.

However, after they were handcuffed, officers, who were responding to a burglary call, realized their error and allowed Cudi and his entourage to go on their way.

"Who knows, really, the story changed a bunch. I'm just happy to be back. I'm a free man! For that moment I was not free. I was in handcuffs. It did not feel very comfortable."

Kid Cudi doesn't feel that this was a case of racial profiling but feels that the police are under a lot of stress since of the large amount of crime that takes place in L.A. and that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"We're in LA, it's a rowdy place in the United States, you know? And a lot of sh*t goes down. And these cops have to use force,"he explained.

"So, it's like I understand that they were just doing their job. I just wish we weren't in that place at that time."

- By Sharniece Moore

T.I. Released From Jail, Heading To Halfway House

According to Vice President of Promotions for Grand Hustle Entertainment, Amir Boyd, Hip-Hop superstar T.I. is now home. Boyd tweeted the following shortly after noon today (December 22), "The KING is home y'all! Merry Christmas!"

News regarding the incarcerated rapper's release from prison started early last week after his lawyer Steve Sadow mentioned the possibility of him being released to a halfway house prior to his projected release date, during an interview with XXL Magazine.

" [T.I.'s projected release date is around] the fourth week of March 2010. Now it is up to the [Federal] Bureau of Prisons to decide whether someone should be placed in a halfway house prior to the projected release date," explained Sadow.

"...we are hopeful that T.I. will be placed in a halfway house within the next month or so, which would be about two or three months before his projected release date. We are hopeful for that, [but] we do not have any control over it."

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, was serving time stemming for an arrest in Atlanta on October 13th, 2007, four hours before the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Tip was charged with possession of three unregistered machine guns and two silencers, as well as possession of firearms by a felon, both charges are felonies. He was facing 10 years and a $250,000 fine, but in accordance with his plea deal was sentenced to one year and one day in prison and ordered to pay a $100,000 fine. On May of this year, he began serving that sentence in Forrest City, Arkansas.

T.I. is currently staying at Dismas Charities Atlanta West correctional center and, after his three month stay there, he will be on house arrest for 23 days and on probation for two more years following that.

- By Sharniece Moore

Bow Wow Fires His Management Team

Rapper Bow Wow recently revealed on Thursday (December 17) his plans to fire all of his business managers and then took to Twitter to explain himself.

"In one of those 'please don't f*ck with me moods' today. Im firing all managers! Im taking the ray allen approach," tweeted the Cash Money Records rapper.

"Im managing myself. Who knows me better than me? I know this game very well...chilling with my aunt ant and @guesswhojus booking studio for the 2 months...just got off the phone with à @realwizkhalifa we bout to do something major! Look out for it."

Earlier this summer, Bow Wow ended his relationship with Columbia Records after he went on camera and begged for his release from his contract because according to him, the record label wasn't doing their upmost to push his music. In August, it was officially announced that Bow had signed to Cash Money, and he released a statement defending the decision by saying, "Please don't be misinformed and think I'm just jumpin' on 'what's hot' or trying to ride others' success. This has been my extended family for more than a decade..And since everyone is askin, me and JD are cool! Nothing has or will change."

- By Sharniece Moore

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kid CuDi Kicked Off Of Lady GaGa's "Monster Ball Tour"

Grammy-nominated rapper Kid CuDi has been dropped from the North American leg of Lady GaGa's Monster Ball Tour where he was the opening act.

Reports hit the internet yesterday (December 16) that CuDi was going to be dropped from the tour as a result of the altercation he had with a fan during the December 12th concert in Vancouver, Canada.

While the reports were merely speculation at first, representatives from GaGa's record label have confirmed the rumors. According to TMZ, the sources at Interscope said that the rapper is no longer with the tour but wouldn't give a reason as to why. Kid CuDi is however set to be replaced by pop singer Jason Derulo whose debut single, Whatcha Say hit the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts last month.

CuDi's run-in with the fan, Michael Sharpe, was caught on camera and shows the rapper going into the Commodore Ballroom audience after a wallet was tossed onstage and hitting Sharpe in the face.

Sharpe released a statement explaining what happened saying, "So here's the story: Some guy throws their wallet at CuDi (his wallet, I don't know why). Being in front, everyone reached out when [Kid Cudi] was like, 'Oh, who wants this?' Of course, everyone in the front is going to be, 'Yeah it's mine.' So I caught it and when he was walking away, I believe he jokingly said, 'If that's not yours, I'ma come get you.' A couple seconds later, I felt bad so I tossed it on stage (clearly not throwing it at him, but just tossing it) and he comes down, over the barricade, and punched me. The people beside me were f*cking awesome. The fans were actually holding him back. Then, the bouncer came and the show ended. I still have my wallet."

Sharpe told TMZ that he does not plan to press charges against CuDi. "I'm not upset, I'm not going to be that person," he said. "I just want to meet him and be like, 'I'm the guy you punched.'"

Below is the footage showing the altercation:

T.I. May Get Early Prison Release To Move Into Halfway House

Clifford Harris Jr., better known as rapper T.I., received a year and a day sentence due to illegal firearms possession and for possessing a gun as a convicted felon and began serving his sentence last May at a low-security prison in Arkansas.

T.I. wasn't expected to be released until March 2010 but there are several rumors circulating the net that he may be released into a halfway house at the top of the year.

The rapper's lawyer spoke about his case stating, "Now it is up to the Federal Bureau of Prisons to decide whether someone should be placed in a halfway house prior to the projected release date. The Bureau of Prisons can do that and typically does it either a month before, or two months much as six months before the projected release date."

T.I.'s lawyer is confident that his client will be receiving an early release date.

"We are hopeful that T.I. will be placed in a halfway house within the next month or so, which would be about two or three months before his projected release date. We are hopeful for that, we do not have any control over it. The Bureau of Prisons makes that decision entirely on its own, they don't share that decision with the public and they don't share that decision with the defense lawyers, but we are hopeful because we know that T.I. has handled himself accordingly and conducted himself correctly while he has been incarcerated, we are hopeful that the Bureau of Prisons will give him two or three months of halfway house."

Monday, December 14, 2009

Promoters Blame DMX For Postponed Coolio Bout Against Eric Martinez

A mixed martial arts celebrity fight featuring rapper Coolio has been postponed.

The cancellation of the entertainer’s bout against MMA boxer/actor Eric Martinez is the latest development in a continuing saga surrounding the event, which was scheduled to take place Saturday (Dec. 12) in Birmingham, Alabama.

New York-based rhymesayer DMX was originally recruited to take on Martinez in a three round fight for Thunder Promotions’ Alabama Pride, but backed out of the event when the promoter refused to fix the fight for the rapper or guarantee his safety.

Thunder Promotions, which later filed a $1 million lawsuit against DMX in November, soon found a replacement for the rapper/actor in Coolio.

"As CEO of Thunder Promotions LLC, I have endeavored to promote the highest quality of fight entertainment. Toward that goal, my company has resisted any and all efforts to participate in fights that were less than above board and legitimate," Riccardi said in a statement. "With this event, Thunder Promotions LLC had expended a great deal of time, effort and money promoting an event that was to be headlined by the rap personality DMX. When he decided to back out of the event due to our refusal to fix his fight, it left Thunder Promotions LLC with little time to promote an event with a replacement headliner."

Amid talk of DMX being a bigger attraction than Coolio for Alabama Pride, Thunder Promotions postponed the bout on Friday (Dec. 11).

Ricciardi, admitted the last minute change was not enough to properly promote the rapper’s bout and the event’s second main event that involved UFC fighter Jeff Monson taking on Travis Fulton.

In its lawsuit, Thunder Promotions claims DMX’s cancellation resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars and damages.

In addition, promoters accuse the Yonkers rap star of failing to return a $6,000 deposit that was given to insure his participation in the fight as well as conspiring with his manager to scam them using a fake management company called Built For War management.

The postponement of the Coolio fight has not prevented Thunder Promotions from scheduling its next MMA fight, which is tentatively set to take place on January 23.

A full fight card as well as the location of the event will be announced in the coming weeks, said Ricciardi, who added that “any comp tickets will be honored at the next scheduled event with a VIP upgrade."

Despite cancelling the Coolio bout, Ricciardi was adamant about his company’s intent to press on with a renewed focus on delivering worthwhile events.

“With this lesson learned, I can assure everyone and all that Thunder Promotions LLC will continue with a vengeance and the public can anticipate future events that we will promote that will overshadow any promotion in the State of Alabama and elsewhere,” he said.

Buju Banton Arrested On Federal Cocaine Charges

Celebrated reggae star Buju Banton is being detained in a federal Miami prison following his arrest last Thursday (December 10) on drug charges.

Banton, real name Mark Anthony Myrie, was booked with another unidentified man after a surveillance camera caught them in the process of a drug transaction.

Authorities claim to have found the singer with 5 kilos of cocaine, and charged him with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute.

Banton was in the midst of completing a milestone 2009. The veteran deejay had received a Grammy nomination for his ninth studio album Rasta Got Soul, and finished a successful North American tour.

During the tour, Banton also attempted reconciliation with the gay community. The singer had been at odds with the group since his popular 1992 “Boom Bye Bye,” which endorsed violence against gay men.

After receiving years of protest, Banton finally conducted a sit-down with the gay community this past October. According to reports, the meeting remained civil and productive despite Banton’s refusal to renounce his past views.

If convicted of the pending drug charges, Buju Banton faces up to 20 years in prison.

At press time, the Miami authorities are expected to release further case details on Monday (December 14).

Lil Wayne Having Trouble Selling Apartment Due To Marijuana Scent

New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne is facing difficulties selling his 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom upscale apartment in Miami due to the fact the scent of marijuana is so strong.

The apartment which is listed for 520,000 dollars has become publically known for its smell after interested buyers visited the home.

"My fiance and I called to make an appointment to see it, and the broker, deadpan, goes, 'I have two questions: Are you offended by the smell of marijuana?" an unidentified couple told the NY Post. "And do you mind coming late in the afternoon? It's currently rented by Lil Wayne, and these are not morning people."

Although the potential buyers were appalled by the half naked women in the house, they did respect the fact that Wayne kept his house neat.

"Once we got there, a member of Wayne's posse opened the door to the overwhelming smell of marijuana. Two hot, rap-video-looking girls were walking around in nothing but a bra and underwear, blasting hip-hop. We just went in and looked around and tried not to stare," they revealed. "He had a perfectly organized closet of crisp T-shirts on hangers, neatly stacked piles of XXL magazine, and a fully stocked bar featuring multiple bottles of Hennessy Black."

Wayne discussed his usage of alcohol and marijuana in several interviews this year with Tim Westwood and Katie Couric.

"Whatever the hell was in my cup the reaction I did was get more popular, more successful, learn how to play guitar, put on the autotune and stretched my voice, and became #1 in the country with everything I dropped. I should probably pick that cup back up," Wayne argued. "I will stand up for marijuana any day. I'm a rapper. That's who I am, Miss Katie, and I am a gangster and I do what I want. And I love to smoke. And I smoke."

Lil Wayne's album Rebirth has suffered several delays and is expected to drop in February 2010. Also that month he will get his sentence for his weapon possession charge and is expected to serve a year in jail.

Nelly's Mansion Gets Robbed

St. Louis rapper Nelly's mansion located in Wildwood, Missouri, was invaded early yesterday (December 11) morning around 7 A.M. 12 police officers, a helicopter, and search dogs arrived on scene after receiving a call about an intruder.

The suspect of the break in was described as a black male, age ranging from 20-30, mustache, glasses, and wearing a black coat.

The call was made from inside the house from a female who said the unknown man flee from the house as soon as police arrived. Nelly was not present in the home while the incident took place.

Police suspect the intruder got into the home of Nelly through the window. Reports state that the suspect got away with a duffle bag full of electronics that along belong to Nelly and fled away in a black GMC Yukon.

Police will release more details shortly.

In other news, Nelly will be at the Lenox Square Mall located in Atlanta, Georgia, today (December 12) in Macy's to sign autographs for anyone who makes a purchase of 75 dollars or more.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Jay-Z Bouncers Fired Over 40/40 Club Incident

The bouncers involved in the assault of two customers at Jay-Z's 40/40 night club have been terminated. Video footage of the brutal attack landed online earlier this month, and led to the suspension and eventually the firing of the 12 individuals while both the police and the club conducted separate investigations.

TMZ spoke with Couri Glen, the former supervisor of security at the club, who said: "We were initially all suspended and then fired for misconduct." Glen claims though that he and his team members were wrongly terminated because they were "just doing our jobs."

Accounts of what happened in the club that day vary greatly. According to Glen, he initially approached the men because of complaints they were groping women. He then tried to escort the men out of the club and that's when they started to swing at the security guards. The patrons have stated that they did nothing to provoke the attack.

In the video footage that leaked you only see what happened after the two men, Tyrell Durant and Leonard Clark, reached the parking lot of the Atlantic City club. In the video, they were being beaten mercilessly by approximately 12 members of the security staff despite pleas of "cool out" and "don't hit him". The video also shows the employees repeatedly kicking one man who was already on the ground and stopping only after being persuaded to do so by a management level employee wearing a suit and tie.

Nas Ordered To Pay Kelis $51,000 A Month

Wednesday (December 9), Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David S. Cunningham ordered Queensbridge rapper Nas to pay $51,101 a month in spousal and child support to soon-to-be-ex-wife Kelis.

The ruling came after two days of testimony from both musicians, as they each portrayed themselves as cash-strapped. Kelis admitted to inking a new recording contract with Interscope Records for $175,000, but will reportedly only receive $50,000 from that deal with the remainder going to her managers. During cross-examination, she told Mark Kaplan, Nas' attorney, that her comeback career is a far cry from the chart topping fame she experienced with the 2003 single Milkshake. At the time, Kelis' income could not be determined because she has not filed an income tax return in years.

Nas confirmed with his testimony that he would not be releasing a solo album in 2010, but it was unclear if that included his collaboration with Damian Marley, Distant Relatives. He also revealed that he owed $700,000 to his manager and $2.5 million in back taxes to the IRS.

After the hearing, Kaplan said the changes benefit Nas as he will no longer have to pay $13,000 a month for the former couple's Los Angeles home. Kelis has been living at the home with the couple's son, Knight, in recent months and has installed recording equipment at the house.

Kelis' attorney, Laura Wasser, said that she was "thrilled" with the ruling. Neither Nas nor Kelis have personally commented on the ruling as of yet.

Gangsta Boo Charged In Armed Robbery

Lola Chantrelle Mitchell, who goes by the stage name Gangsta Boo, was one of two suspects arrested in connection with the robbery of a Dollar General store on July 23rd of this year.

Boo turned herself into the police on Tuesday (December 8) after learning of the warrant against her for conspiracy to commit armed robbery in Olive Branch, Mississippi. Her actual role in the crime was not released by police, but her alleged accomplice Marcus Curtis, 30, is being charged as the gunman.

According to the Desoto Times, Curtis is accused of approaching a female Dollar General employee as she exited the store shortly before 9 pm July 23rd, and with a black revolver in hand ordered her to return inside and empty a cash register. He then also forced a male employee to place money from the store's safe into a bag before demanding employees to lie on the floor as he fled on foot. No shots were fired.

Following her arrest, Gangsta Boo was released on $100,000 bond pending a court appearance on January 5, 2010. Curtis was extradited from Memphis and booked into DeSoto County Jail on Wednesday (December 9) and is being held on $100,000 bond.

The 28-year-old is known for being an original member of Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia and she has released three solo albums to date.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mario Calls Gucci Mane's Prison Sentence A Setback

During an interview with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, Mario said that though he hasn't personally spoken to Gucci Mane about the situation, the rapper's jail time is nothing more than a setback.

"It's definitely a setback, I mean, he's got a lot of great music out right now. He's been having a great run for himself. I don't care what you got going on, when you gotta sit for a year? It's a setback," said the singer. "I think he's still hungry, you know what I'm saying? He's still got a lot of work to do. Prayers go out to him though."

Gucci Mane has been sentenced to one year in jail as a result of not completing 600 hours of court-ordered community service stemming from a 2005 assault case, testing positive for illegal narcotics, and failing to get proper permission to travel as mandated by a judge. Last month, Gucci issued a statement accepting full responsibility for his actions, and saying that he is ready to "deal with what is front of [him] right now."

In related news, despite being in jail, Gucci called into DJ Drama's radio show last week and ending his long-running beef with fellow Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy.

Lil Wayne's "Rebirth" Album Pushed Back...Again

Despite reports that say Lil Wayne's rock album, Rebirth, will be released on December 21 along with Young Money's compilation, We Are Young Money, Birdman, co-founder of Cash Money Records, has recently announced via his Twitter account that the album has now been pushed back to February 1.

The announcement was seemingly confirmed by a Universal Motown rep who told Entertainment Weekly that the long-delayed rock-influenced follow-up to 2008's Tha Carter III has been pushed back to an undetermined date in 2010.

No reason was given for the delay, but speculations place blame on the album's leaks and their failure to chart well. The Rebirth album will have appearances from artist like Fall Out Boy, Lenny Kravitz, and Young Money members Shanelle and Nicki Minaj. Eminem was also recently confirmed to make an appearance on a track titled, Drop The World.

According to Amazon UK, the tracklisting for Rebirth is as follows:

1.American Star
2. Prom Queen
3. Ground Zero
4. Da Da Da
5. Paradice
6. Get A Life
7. On Fire
8. Drop The World
9. Runnin
10. One Way Trip
11. Knockout
12. The Price Is Wrong

We Are Young Money is still scheduled to be released on December 21st.

Eminem Crowned Top Selling Artist Of The Decade

According to Nielsen Soundscan, Eminem is the best selling artist of the decade. Selling more than 32.2 million albums in the 2000s, he beat out The Beatles, who sold 11.5 million copies of their greatest-hits compilation, One, *NSYNC, whose album No Strings Attached sold 11.1 million copies, and Norah Jones' Come Away With Me sold 10.5 million.

Eminem was also the only artist to place two albums on the Top Selling Albums Of The Decade list with 2000's The Marshall Mathers LP selling 10.2 million copies and 2002's The Eminem Show clearing 9.8 million.

Nielsen Soundscan based the lists on data collected from January 1, 2000 - November 1, 2009, and although the decade has not technically ended yet, any sales between now and December 31st will not alter the ratings. Eminem owns the #1 spot by a margin of 20 million.

The company also generated a list detailing the top-selling digital songs of the decade, and the list looks noticeably different. Taking the #1 spot with over 5.2 million downloads was Flo Rida for his hit song, Low featuring T-Pain. Lady GaGa's Just Dance came in at #2 with over 4.6 million downloads.

Pharrell Executive Producing The Game's "R.E.D. Album"

During an interview DubCNN, The Game revealed that Pharrell would be serving as executive producer on his upcoming album, The R.E.D. Album.

"Pharrell is my new favorite producer. I got a whole new respect for Pharrell and The Neptunes but especially Pharrell and how he do his thing," said Game. "The way that he coach me when we're in the booth, it's like a Pat Riley to a Tim Hardaway or Pat Riley to a Magic Johnson...and The Neptunes, people don't really understand who The Neptunes are, but if you take away The Neptunes from hip-hop, you take away the color in hip-hop.,"

On Tuesday (December 8) while being interviewed by, Game continued praising Pharrell and the work he is doing on the album.

"Pharrell's gonna take my album to the next level, keep me hood and cross me over at the same time by executive producing my album, so that's [speaking about the Star Trak tattoo he was getting on his arm] how I show my loyalty. Pharrell is my friend. We've created a work bond and established a friendship. Star Trak is gonna make me money in the future - that logo, that brand, that man helping me. That's something that's gonna put milk in my refrigerator and help me feed my kids, keep them in private school, and keep them doing what they do."

Aside from the Star Trak tat, Game is also planning to get a tattoo called the Evolution Of Gaming, which will feature the controllers from Nintendo, Saga Genesis, Sony Playstation, and XBox 360.

Chris Brown's "Graffiti" To Enter Charts At #3

According to Hits Daily Double, Chris Brown's third solo album is on target to sell between 95-100k records for his first week. He will take the #3 spot, as Susan Boyle's debut album, whose third week totals could hit 600k continues to fly off the shelves. Taking the #2 spot will be the soundtrack to the FOX hit show, Glee With Glee Vol. 2, which will sell between 120-130k copies.

In a recent interview with MTV, the R&B singer said: "My fans [have] given me a great response on the album. They actually said they love it. They tell me what songs they love. Like 99 percent of the comments are all positive about the album. I didn't get the way they looked at my album. I just felt like there was a little bit of hate because of the situation and not because of the music. But we're gonna keep it moving."

Southern rapper Gucci Mane released his major label debut album The State vs. Radric Davis this week, and is expected to sell between 85-95k records. Snoop Dogg's Malice N Wonderland projection falls in the 55-65k range, and producer Timbaland's Shock Value 2 will reach 35-40k in sales. Virginia hip-hop duo The Clipse and their third studio album Till The Casket Drops should sell between 30-35k.

Diddy Denies Day26's Departure From Bad Boy

During a recent interview with radio host, Kendra D, Diddy denied internet reports that Day26 has left Bad Boy Records.

"I don't know why that's on the blogs like that," said Diddy. "I still have my label deal with Atlantic. I didn't sell my label, like I still have my artists that are over there. From Day26 to Janelle Monae, etc. You know what I'm saying? They're still apart of Bad Boy...the Bad Boy imprint will still be on there. Unless, Day26 could just wake up and say, 'We just want the label to say Atlantic' and that would be cool with me. But right now, it's Bad Boy/Atlantic. I'm there for them. I'm not abandoning any of the artists that are over there. I've been hearing that at lot on the blogs, but I don't really pay attention to the blogs."

Rumors regarding Day26's status with Bad Boy records started early in the year when news of Diddy's signing to Interscope Records first broke. They were fueled by Willie, a member of the group, who during an interview said, "Bad Boy is always our family, but we're with Atlantic right now...we really want to get people focused on the artistry, on the music. I think a lot of people lost it with the entertainment of the show. So now, we really want to show people what we're all about, that we do our thing...we do it all."

Nicki Minaj Responds To Rumors Of Her Being A Lesbian; Says Wayne Will Report To Jail In February

There is a YouTube video surfacing the web with a lesbian woman who is supposedly Nicki Minaj back in the day before she became a "Barbie." In the video the woman said she and Remy Ma had relations and that Remy was fronting on her.

"Ahahahahahahhaahahahhahaha! Lmaooooooooooo. So now I was a d*ked an dated remy ma n made a vid dressed as a boy?!?!?!? Lmaooooo U ppl r simple."

Nicki Minaj has a lot on her hands as she deals with pressures of being the single standing female artist in the main stream as of now. Her and other artists from the label will have to hold their own as their CEO Lil Wayne goes behind bars.

Minaj's relationship with Wayne has developed from mixtape collaborations to a record deal. She is Young Money's official first lady and has to fulfill high expectation demands from her label and fans.

Speaking to Hot 93.7, Nicki was able to talk about Lil Wayne's jail time.

"I just know that he's is going to be up there in February. I'll [visit him] as often as I can I mean, he's gonna be up in New York and I'm from New York, so, I would love to just come up there as often as I can," she said.

Nicki also feels that Wayne's time will go by fast and much love will be waiting for him when he returns to the game.

"He's gonna have so many people there. I'm sure it will go by like days to him. It will probably be a weird experience, but at the end of the day, he's gonna come out stronger like he always does. Nothing ever phases him really, which I guess is the story of a champion."

Minaj's schedule has been hectic and she continues to stay on her grind, so she is uncertain about the release of another mixtape, but fans will still get to hear from her through the features she will be making on other artists' songs.

"December 22nd, as well as Lil Wayne's Rebirth album," said Nicki in response to a question in regards to the release date of the upcoming Young Money compilation.

On Drake's noticeable absence from Wayne's rock album, she said, "I don't know [why Drake isn't on Rebirth], you gotta ask Lil Wayne and Drake. I don't have anything to do with that, but I do know Drake is probably going to be on Tha Carter IV."

"I would like it to be third quarter of 2010," said Nicki regarding her solo album release date. "I want people to get the chance to know me. Really know me."

Nicki says that Wayne has ensured that she will be straight business wise as she owns her publishing and merchandise.

T-Pain Exposed By His Former Nappy Heads Group Members

"I'm just disappointed in the way he let the success get to him."
Tallahassee, Florida singer T-Pain didn't come onto the music scene by himself, he used to be a part of a popular Southern group called Nappy Heads.

Like most groups eventually end up doing, they split up pursuing solo careers hoping to gain more exposure which would ultimately help the group.

"None of the members [were meant to be seen] as the star of the group, they were all stars of a group. They were participants of a group."

Different artists such as Nelly, 50 Cent, Eminem, and their own success was meant to be a way to expose other talents within the click.

"It was a big family, all of us grew up together."

In the upcoming documentary called The Untold Story: Nappy Heads, T-Pain's former group members feel he hasn't done his part in making a way for the artists in which he started with. T-Pain is already in the works of a fourth album called Revolver and there still hasn't been any mention of the group reuniting musically.

T-Pain's former group members could tell that something shady was going on with him because he eventually lost sight of the group.

"We come in the studio to do work as a group, but he didn't wanna do nothing. The next day we come back in the studio, he got 2 and 3 songs by himself."

Also there is a source from the documentary stating that T-Pain has used the group for performances when he is home just so he receives an excited reaction from fans.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pleasure P Issues Statement Regarding Child Molestation Accusations

R&B singer Marcus Cooper whose stage name is Pleasure P has responded to the child molestation accusations against him, and says that the rumors are completely false.

The former Pretty Ricky member wrote a statement on his website on Thursday (December 3), and had this to say: "All of the recent rumors and accusations that are being circulated about me are 100% false. They are disgusting and vile; and they are being spread by individuals with their own sick agendas. The purported documents that are also being circulated are forgeries," said Pleasure P.

"I have never met or known anyone by the name of 'AGoldstein' or Laura Goldstein or Ashley Goldstein, which I believe are fictitious names. I have never been represented by an attorney named Goldstein. For someone to go to such depths to assassinate my character and slander my good name is truly criminal. My attorneys are investigating this matter and will take all necessary and appropriate action to protect my name and reputation," he continued.

"A Goldstein" is the Twitter ID of a person, claiming to be the daughter of a lawyer that once represented Pleasure. The twitter account was used to broadcast the child molestation allegations against the singer, and the aforementioned forged documents were sent to blogger, Necole Bitchie, from a person claiming to have inside information regarding the allegations.

Is Chris Brown Taking Shots At Rihanna?

Tracks off of Chris Brown's album have been leaking daily as the public is eager to hear what the R&B singer's latest album, Graffiti, will offer in terms of revelations into his incident with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, and the latest release Famous Girl is causing quite a stir.

On the track, which is reminiscent of old-school R&B, Brown sings over the chorus: "Since I thought I found my woman/ There were other guys who thought the same thing about it/ Like damn, you let me down, down, down/ 'Cause you're famous, girl, for breaking hearts."

On the second verse of the track, Chris also makes reference to a rumored romance between Young Money rapper Drake and Rihanna saying, "Drake would say that you're the best he ever had. Rumors come and go but you keep a shadow. Everywhere you go it follows."

Towards the end of the song, Brown croons, "Too much pressure I wish I was frozen. Seems we lost our way. I hope you're happy being famous girl."

Rihanna and Drake quickly squashed rumors of a relationship during the summer after the New York Post claimed that the two were seen kissing at a bowling alley in New York City.

Graffiti will hit stores on December 8th, and ABC will air what is being billed as a "revealing, tell-all interview" with Chris Brown on December 4th.

Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy & DJ Drama Squash The Beef

During DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz show last night (December 3) on Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9, Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane came on air and expressed their wishes to dead a beef that first started in 2005.

"You know nobody can ever change this history we made, we made classics," said Jeezy regarding his relationship with DJ Drama. "And besides that, we opened up a lane for a lot of these young cats to come into the game. I seen more trappin' in the industry now than I ever seen. I know we had a lot to do with this...I just want everyone to know, just by me and you sitting here talking, that's what men do. Now it's back to the money, it's back to the business. I ain't gonna lie, I was caught up in my feelings...We gotta make some more history and we gotta open some more doors for these people man."

"On my end it's like even through everything, we weren't speaking a lot, there was stuff in there. Then I realized we can agree to disagree. We are letting you know it's bigger than us. We do what we do for y'all," said Drama. "We are about to get so much more money, we are about to make so many more outlets for revenue for the city, for everybody to eat."

Drama and Jeezy had fallen out after Drama released a 2008 Gangsta Grillz mixtape with Gucci Mane, whom Jeezy was at the time beefing with. Jeezy reacted by calling the Atlanta-based DJ a traitor and accused him of changing after he became famous. A war of words ensued and would lead to several altercations between the their entourages at various music industry events.

The beef between Gucci Mane and Jeezy stems from a 2005 single featuring both rappers entitled, So Icy. The hit track was initially supposed to be featured on Young Jeezy's debut album, but instead ended up on appearing on Gucci's independent album, Back To the Trap House. After a few diss tracks the feud quickly escalated with Gucci Mane murdering a CTE affiliate in 2005. He was eventually acquitted of the crime 2006 after his lawyers proved the rapper was acting in self-defense.

Gucci phoned into the radio show from jail and said that he was ready to move on by squashing the beef.

"I'm 100% down with it [squashing the beef], you know I'm 10 toes forward. I'm with it and I think it's a great idea and that's what I'm fittin' to do. I hope everybody is ready 'cause it's back on," said Mane.