Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Max B Gives First Interview Since Guilty Verdict

In his first interview since being found guilty on murder conspiracy charges, Max B (born Charly Wingate) talks his trial, Tupac, and the motivation behind his desire to patch things up with Jim Jones.
"Shout-out to [Gerald] Saluti, he did a great job," Max said in an interview with HipHopStan. "He did a great job with the trial, you know it's unfortunate. It's Bergen County. I thought the jurors had me but they didn't, you know. Them h*es got weak at the end...I ain't even got to talk, I'ma let my music talk and fight this sh*t from in here...Sounds like I'ma get that appeal bond, appeal bail and we gonna jump out this motherf*cker like Tupac...I went so hard on my enemies this year it was pathetic...I had a dream me and T.I. came home at the same time and just ran in the studio and made a hit. Shout-out to T.I., hold your head brother...I wanna settle all the differences with my enemies, I wanna tighten this sh*t up with [Jim Jones], get this sh*t squared away so we can fall back and start getting some checks before hopefully this sh*t get outta hand and turn into a Biggie and Tupac situation and we don't need that."

Max B's peaceful and optimistic words come just days after he was found guilty of murder conspiracy charges in a Bergen County, New Jersey courtroom.

"Thank you to all my fans for the continuous love and support during my trial," Max said in a statement a day after the verdict was read. "With the advice of my attorney, family and friends I've decided to appeal my conviction, with full belief that I will be found innocent of all charges. This has been a long journey but, I have full faith that there will be a positive outcome and I will be cleared of all erroneous allegations."

Max B is scheduled to be sentenced on Thursday, July 30.

Max B's First Interview From Behind Bars from on Vimeo.

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