Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fabolous Speaks About Jermaine Dupri Leaking His Music

F-a-b-o-l-o-u-s is not happy with Jermaine Dupri at all. Recently tracks from his upcoming fifth album 'Loso's Way' have been leaked to the internet and Fab is pointing the finger at JD's camp. The album was set for release in July, which isn't too far away, but a leak could be critical for sales. Recently Fab has been Twittering about the situation and claiming someone in the JD camp is to blame. Hip Hop Wired's Michael Harris sat down with Fab and this is what he had to say:

HHW: I noticed on your Twitter page that someone one from JD’s camp was leaking some of your songs. Did ya’ll clear that situation up?

FABOLOUS: Nah, I didn’t speak to J.D. yet. I don’t think it’s J.D. himself, like I don’t think J.D. is sitting at a computer and letting the songs fly off himself, but I do think that it was someone in his camp. Someone he was around, in the studio with, or just someone being irresponsible and left the songs to be leaked. All three of the songs that were produced by J.D. or his camp and that’s what it was.
I wasn’t trying to go at JD’s neck, I was just trying to make him aware. Maybe somehow my Twitter reached him or somebody said something to him about it because I couldn’t get in contact with him at the time. I just wanted him to check it out on his end as well because I don’t know who let these tracks out. Usually when an album gets leaked, they leak the whole album; sometimes one single will get let out but when singles get leaked and it’s all by the same producer you kind of feel like it came from that area.

HHW: I know that you have a relationship with Joe Budden and he recently had a situation that went down with Method Man. From a MC’s perspective, what’s beef and when did battling have to include a serious problem with someone. Beef is when you’ve got problems with somebody on the street but lyrically Hip-Hop is supposed to be about who is the nicest. Everybody wants to be #1 so if someone calls you out, and this is what you do, should you step up to it if you want to hold your crown?

FABOLOUS: I think if it stayed lyrical it does, but unfortunately now a days, it has become more about who can disrespect each other in the worst way and that leads into other things. It leads into people disrespecting other people’s families and livelihoods and that’s when it transforms from rapping to now you having to say something to defend your manhood, pride, and image. I don’t think Joe wants to take it in a violent way. I think he wants to keep it Hip-Hop, but certain other people, if you announce their name, they want to take it that way. Like, when they see them, they’re like “I’mma slap ‘‘em’” and then that reaction gets back to the person that they said they were gonna slap and they are gonna be like, ‘You ain’t gonna slap me nigga when you see me.”

I feel like that could’ve been a battle. Me personally, I feel like at 5:09 on June 8th, Joe Budden is better lyrically than Method Man. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to say that at Method Man’s peak. I also feel like Method Man has had a classic album, classic verses. I don’t know if I could say that Joe Budden has had classic stuff or material. I know he has had great music but I don’t know if he’s comparable accolade wise to Method Man. But, lyrically right now, pound for pound, I believe Joe Budden is at one of the highest points at his lyrical ability. That’s just my opinion. I don’t know if Method Man is gonna put a diss song out about me after that because that is how this shit is going now but that just my opinion.

I think that it should be kept on a musical level because that’s how it started. Certain beefs are not started within music; they are trickled over from the streets. The 50 & Ja Rule beef started in another element and they just attacked each other musically and that’s a whole different ball game. I don’t know if it can just stay musical anymore. This is not 1980 with LL Cool J versus Kool Moe Dee. I wish it could because it’s a lot of fun and entertaining but that’s why I try to never get into that because it usually leads into something else.

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