Friday, June 12, 2009

Auto-Tune Beef: T-Pain Vs. Jay-Z?

After Jay-Z recently criticized the overuse of Auto-Tune with his song D.O.A., the "inventor" T-Pain said that he will still be using the vocal enhancement style on his new album.

"Oh yeah," he said about whether he'll still use Auto-Tune. "Definitely now. Jay-Z said something ... I gotta do it now. It's nothing outta the ordinary, so I'm ready."

"D.O.A. is the best song I've heard in a couple years," T-Pain said on his Twitter page. "Watch me get back out here and do my thang."

The singer also revealed that he plans to push up the release of his new album from next year to this November.

"I'm droppin a new album called UBER," T-Pain wrote.

"The album just got pushed up," he told MTV News on Sunday (June 7). "It was gonna come out September next year. [The record label], they're making me come out November this year. It makes the label look straight. I was gonna chill, because it was so many people that do what I do - now Jay-Z done dropped the Death of Auto-Tune and it's time for me to come back."

Hova's anti Auto-Tune song was debuted last week on New York's Hot 97 and caused lots of controversy. Although he exhibited his power to shift trends in the game, the rapper insists he was merely trying to protect the love of his life -- music.

Jay called in to Philadelphia's Power 99 and spoke on Auto-tune's "gimmick" status. Pointing to a recent commercial for a fast food restaurant, Jay says the excessive use of the singing aid has turned it into a joke.

"There was a Wendy's commercial where they were playing around and some singers were singing in Auto-tune. That's the day you gotta get rid of it... Like Wendy's? Come on, man" Jay said.

"You need to have some type of talent for making music. If it's just a gimmick then you're doing music a disservice. I love music," he added. "This is the thing that saved me, so I feel like I have to protect it."

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