Saturday, June 6, 2009

B.G. Promises Hot Boys Reunion "Soon"

Coupled with promises to eclipse The Beatles, former Cash Money Records rapper B.G. says the Hot Boys reunion album will be coming to fans shortly.
Although he failed to reveal an exact release date, B.G. did say the group has worked through their past difficulties and are ready to get back to the work that made them famous.

"You can look forward to that [reunion] coming real soon," he said in an interview with Vibe. "Real, real, real soon. We tying up the loose ends of the paperwork right now, and hopefully we'll have that out this year... It's going to be bigger than The Beatles... You know, at one point in time, you couldn't get me to talk about it... You know, people go through things, family go through things, but they sit down, talk it over, be real about it, acknowledge their mistakes and move on."

In a prior interview with Word of South, the rapper gave more details on the reunion project and the possibility of an accompanying movie.

"It's gonna be all the original members, it's gonna be me, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, Turk is supposed to be coming home March 16th," B.G. said in the interview. "We're gonna do it regardless because the streets keep asking for it... Mannie Fresh created the Hot Boys sound; it's only right that Mannie Fresh gives us that heat... Wayne made the deal; he came to us. He had a deal for a soundtrack, and he wanted to make it a Hot Boys soundtrack. He reached out to me and Juvenile... Before the reunion album, we're gonna' do an album which is inspired by a motion picture."

At press time, there was no further information available on the upcoming project.

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