Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kanye West Steps Behind Camera To Direct Drake's Video

Drake was in Brooklyn recently shooting scenes for the video for his first official single Best I Ever Had and the director was none other than Kanye West. The video features cameo appearances from Fabolous, Lil Wayne, and Common. Also on the set of the video were Amber Rose and Jay-Z. Jay, whose first single of Blueprint 3 is rumored to feature Drake, was at the video shoot but it was unclear whether or not he would be featured in the video.

According to XXL, the video will have a Degrassi theme. Drake starred on the popular series before he began pursuing his musical ambitions. A rough draft for the video is expected to be finished in two weeks.

Drake's album, Thank Me Later, is set to be released this year even though he has yet to sign a contract with a major label. Drake began releasing music in 2006 when he put out a free mixtape, Room For Improvement through his MySpace page. In 2007 he released Comeback Season and in 2008 he put out Heartbreak Drake. His latest mixtape effort So Far Gone was released February 13th of this year and was downloaded 8,000 times in the first two hours.

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