Thursday, December 10, 2009

T-Pain Exposed By His Former Nappy Heads Group Members

"I'm just disappointed in the way he let the success get to him."
Tallahassee, Florida singer T-Pain didn't come onto the music scene by himself, he used to be a part of a popular Southern group called Nappy Heads.

Like most groups eventually end up doing, they split up pursuing solo careers hoping to gain more exposure which would ultimately help the group.

"None of the members [were meant to be seen] as the star of the group, they were all stars of a group. They were participants of a group."

Different artists such as Nelly, 50 Cent, Eminem, and their own success was meant to be a way to expose other talents within the click.

"It was a big family, all of us grew up together."

In the upcoming documentary called The Untold Story: Nappy Heads, T-Pain's former group members feel he hasn't done his part in making a way for the artists in which he started with. T-Pain is already in the works of a fourth album called Revolver and there still hasn't been any mention of the group reuniting musically.

T-Pain's former group members could tell that something shady was going on with him because he eventually lost sight of the group.

"We come in the studio to do work as a group, but he didn't wanna do nothing. The next day we come back in the studio, he got 2 and 3 songs by himself."

Also there is a source from the documentary stating that T-Pain has used the group for performances when he is home just so he receives an excited reaction from fans.


  1. Dudes ain't telling the whole truth. True he was a part of the group and they broke to see how it would workout on the solo tip. When he "Pain" started to take off he tried to get them on board but they chose to talk about him on radio in Tally. He still tried reaching out, even after that. Dudes messed it up man. They're bitter but it's their own fault.

  2. I remember them dissing T-Pain on the radio as he started to take off instead of fanning his flame they tried putting it out by bad mouthing him Lifes a bitch ain't Karmas gonna get you

  3. To be totally real about things. There is really alot that isn't said or niggas is avoiding to say. but if anybody's talking about it. It should ONLY be the NAPPYHEADZ. everybody else can say what they want. but there opinions don't matter. because it's not a T-Pain/Tallahassee issue. It's a T-Pain/Nappyheadz issue.

  4. Tallahassee is a melting pot. People from all over move in and out due to the education. So many who probably commented, probably don't know the entire story. It was a group, began as a group, and they were ALWAYS a group. T-Pain was the producer. Used Nappy Heads as a starting point, tracks were hot and instead of making tracks to be used by his group, he made hits to be sold. And from their, led his solo career. All producers eventually come out as an artist but don't necessarily make it. In this case, he came out a producer, and gets credit in the music business as an artist instead of a producer. Music has changed drastically over the years. Everyone wants to be famous, everyone wants their face on the billboard. These guys have a legitamite appeal from grounds of friendship. They began the group as friends, now they have no friendship. By the time they were bashing him on the radio, they had already made sevral attempts to bring him back to his homeland. And as many do, he relocated from Tallahassee to Atlanta and has been doing nothing since.

    Be real lol...the locals know! The students know nothing, but always comment as if they do on issues that fail to concern them.

    Look at Nappy Boy DJ's. T Pain is NEVER in Tallahassee for random events that these guys host or DJ at. They're basically using his name to attempt to keep his Tallahassee legacy going FOR him. He didn't make Tallahassee, and he didn't put it on the map; Nappy Headz the GROUP and their first single Robbery. T Pain as a solo artist came out of nowhere. Instead of working on his group, he was out using the work his group made and promoted himself.

    My advice to the group...MOVE ON. Regardless the huss and fuss, no on EVER does the morally right thing. You guys will never get back together. However, build Nappy Headz off of this incident. Tallahassee is a potential haven for new fans and new boundaries.

  5. yeah, Jaz was the producer of Oceania. With Hinewehi Mohi. He also wrote string quartets, symphonies, and arranged symphonic Pink Floyd. cringe. the String Quartets are pretty though.

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  6. omg i do remember that happing.yeah old dude was tripping on pain calling him a saleout and him not being true to his word.of him geting on and then he would bring them on.but truth be told old dude was flaking out on pain because he had began to bust big and they was saying dude wasnt moving fast for them to get on.but real talk it is really and truely there own fault.