Monday, December 28, 2009

50 Cent Confronted On Stage By A Fan

According to DJ Whoo Kid, 50 Cent had another fan confront him while he was on stage during a concert. This latest incident happened last Monday night (December 21), while the rapper was in Nigeria.

"Finally out of Nigeria!!" wrote Whoo Kid on Twitter. He continued on to write that although the fan made it on the stage they were able to get away.

"Last show they shot AK47s at the fans - wtf!!!! It felt so good to see a BIG MAC in Germany!!! Food!! I'm A ALIVE! ALIVE!!! 1st concert in Nigeria, Africa the whole city power grid went out during What Up Gangser and Fan jumped on stage at 50 again Escaped in Black out!!! Video will be up soon!!!! I am still sh*tting on myself from the food and waters...yipes are there pampers in Germany!"

50's first encounter with a fan in Africa, which took place around May 2008, didn't go so well. He was performing on stage during a concert in Angola, when according to a fan's video footage a person from the crowd jumped on the stage, grabbed Fif's necklace, and then climbed back into the crowd. Fif denies that things went down the way the fan's video shows, but instead insists he has footage of the incident that shows him pushing the person off the stage and then jumping into the crowd, thus causing "all hell to break loose."

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