Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nicki Minaj Responds To Rumors Of Her Being A Lesbian; Says Wayne Will Report To Jail In February

There is a YouTube video surfacing the web with a lesbian woman who is supposedly Nicki Minaj back in the day before she became a "Barbie." In the video the woman said she and Remy Ma had relations and that Remy was fronting on her.

"Ahahahahahahhaahahahhahaha! Lmaooooooooooo. So now I was a d*ked an dated remy ma n made a vid dressed as a boy?!?!?!? Lmaooooo U ppl r simple."

Nicki Minaj has a lot on her hands as she deals with pressures of being the single standing female artist in the main stream as of now. Her and other artists from the label will have to hold their own as their CEO Lil Wayne goes behind bars.

Minaj's relationship with Wayne has developed from mixtape collaborations to a record deal. She is Young Money's official first lady and has to fulfill high expectation demands from her label and fans.

Speaking to Hot 93.7, Nicki was able to talk about Lil Wayne's jail time.

"I just know that he's is going to be up there in February. I'll [visit him] as often as I can I mean, he's gonna be up in New York and I'm from New York, so, I would love to just come up there as often as I can," she said.

Nicki also feels that Wayne's time will go by fast and much love will be waiting for him when he returns to the game.

"He's gonna have so many people there. I'm sure it will go by like days to him. It will probably be a weird experience, but at the end of the day, he's gonna come out stronger like he always does. Nothing ever phases him really, which I guess is the story of a champion."

Minaj's schedule has been hectic and she continues to stay on her grind, so she is uncertain about the release of another mixtape, but fans will still get to hear from her through the features she will be making on other artists' songs.

"December 22nd, as well as Lil Wayne's Rebirth album," said Nicki in response to a question in regards to the release date of the upcoming Young Money compilation.

On Drake's noticeable absence from Wayne's rock album, she said, "I don't know [why Drake isn't on Rebirth], you gotta ask Lil Wayne and Drake. I don't have anything to do with that, but I do know Drake is probably going to be on Tha Carter IV."

"I would like it to be third quarter of 2010," said Nicki regarding her solo album release date. "I want people to get the chance to know me. Really know me."

Nicki says that Wayne has ensured that she will be straight business wise as she owns her publishing and merchandise.

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