Monday, December 14, 2009

Lil Wayne Having Trouble Selling Apartment Due To Marijuana Scent

New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne is facing difficulties selling his 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom upscale apartment in Miami due to the fact the scent of marijuana is so strong.

The apartment which is listed for 520,000 dollars has become publically known for its smell after interested buyers visited the home.

"My fiance and I called to make an appointment to see it, and the broker, deadpan, goes, 'I have two questions: Are you offended by the smell of marijuana?" an unidentified couple told the NY Post. "And do you mind coming late in the afternoon? It's currently rented by Lil Wayne, and these are not morning people."

Although the potential buyers were appalled by the half naked women in the house, they did respect the fact that Wayne kept his house neat.

"Once we got there, a member of Wayne's posse opened the door to the overwhelming smell of marijuana. Two hot, rap-video-looking girls were walking around in nothing but a bra and underwear, blasting hip-hop. We just went in and looked around and tried not to stare," they revealed. "He had a perfectly organized closet of crisp T-shirts on hangers, neatly stacked piles of XXL magazine, and a fully stocked bar featuring multiple bottles of Hennessy Black."

Wayne discussed his usage of alcohol and marijuana in several interviews this year with Tim Westwood and Katie Couric.

"Whatever the hell was in my cup the reaction I did was get more popular, more successful, learn how to play guitar, put on the autotune and stretched my voice, and became #1 in the country with everything I dropped. I should probably pick that cup back up," Wayne argued. "I will stand up for marijuana any day. I'm a rapper. That's who I am, Miss Katie, and I am a gangster and I do what I want. And I love to smoke. And I smoke."

Lil Wayne's album Rebirth has suffered several delays and is expected to drop in February 2010. Also that month he will get his sentence for his weapon possession charge and is expected to serve a year in jail.

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