Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jermaine Dupri: Def Jam Is A Sinking Ship

Months after parting ways with one of the most well-known labels in the industry, Jermaine Dupri has broken his silence about he shockingly accusatory reasons why he parted ways with Def Jam.
Jermaine Dupri chopped it up with The Boom Box and disclosed his side of the story regarding stepping down from his role as president of the label.

"They [weren't] prepared for a person like myself," he explained. "They [were] basically out for themselves. I never was on a team like that. I was always on a team that was supportive of what I wanted to do and this time it was more like 'we need you to do this.' People know me to create new artists [and to] continuously come with new people. Once I realized I was basically on my own in that building, I said 'it's time for me to get out of here.' I saw the decline of Def Jam and I was just like 'I don't want to be a part of a sinking ship.'...[There's] definitely hard feelings because I'm not cool with people stunting my growth. I'm a person that keeps growing. Everybody knows the history of Jermaine Dupri. Everybody knows what I've done from day one from one group to the next, it was all new artists and you have to continue doing that. If you get in the way of that you stunt that growth. They [have] bigger problems to deal with, I mean I'm not running around like 'f*ck Def Jam!' I'm just saying I would not really deal with them ever again... It feels like it's a resurgence of independent labels...It just feels like the right thing for me."

Dupri reportedly parted ways with Def Jam back in January, after almost two years in the position.

This is the only statement the music maven has issued regarding his departure.

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