Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jadakiss Releases Statement About Police Raid

Jadakiss released a statement yesterday (August 26) about the police raid on a Yonkers apartment that was listed in his name. During the raid, which occurred after a traffic stop in which police charged two suspects with possession of marijuana, officers found $42,000 in cash, along with six pounds of weed and 5 grams of heroin. The two suspects Gabriel R. Henriquez, 39, and Alberto Lajara, 25, were charged with second-degree criminal possession of marijuana, and second degree assault and obstructing governmental administration in the second-degree and criminal possession of marijuana in the fifth degree and disorderly conduct respectively. The police investigation is still ongoing. Jada issued a statement through MTV News regarding the incident.

"What happened on Saturday was an unfortunate situation, but one in which I have no involvement in," 'Kiss told MTV News exclusively Wednesday afternoon. "Since the release of my recent album Last Kiss, I have been on the road touring and promoting my project. I am focused on my performance schedule and career."

Jada was scheduled to go on a tour dubbed The Bosses with Cam'ron but the tour never happened. The two did however perform at several dated together.

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