Monday, August 31, 2009

Authorities: DJ AM's Death Was Not A Suicide

Law enforcement officials have been speaking out on the death of DJ AM, saying the turntablist may have died from an accidental drug overdose, not suicide as some sources have suggested.

On the word of unnamed sources, TMZ is reporting that AM, a recovering addict, developed a dependency on Xanax and other anti-anxiety drugs after surviving a near fatal plane crash last year.

He and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker were the only survivors of the crash that claimed the lives of four others.

According to TMZ, AM was prescribed the medications because of his fear of flying, something he had to do frequently to fulfill his obligations as a DJ.

Although prescribed to settle his fears, TMZ says the medicine actually triggered a "recent" relapse.

"It very slowly and subtly reawakens addiction," Dr. Drew Pinsky, addiction specialist and VH1 Celebrity Rehab Host, told The Associated Press. "I'm not saying it was inappropriately prescribed; I'm saying he didn't know the risks."

In a stroke of horribly twisted irony, AM was set to star in an MTV special called Gone Too Far, in which he stages interventions with other people with problems with drug addiction.

DJ AM (born Adam Goldstein) was 36.

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