Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bouncer Fingers C-Murder As Teen Murderer

The murder trial of Corey "C-Murder" Miller kicked off with testimony from a bouncer who claims to have witnessed the rapper shooting the 16-year-old victim.
The bouncer, Darnell Jordan Sr., told the court the he saw Miller shoot Steve Thomas as members of his entourage attacked him.

While he says he did not see the gun in Miller's hand, Jordan says he did see the muzzle flash come from the arm extended in Thomas' direction.

Jordan's testimony has been the source of controversy in the case, as Miller's defense attorney, Ron Rokosky, claims it is based on "coercive tactics," including his arrest, by the prosecution.

Prosecutor David Wolff defended the arrest, saying he had to resort to harsher tactics because witnesses were afraid to testify.

"Witnesses in this case have been threatened," Wolff told the press outside the courtroom. "Witnesses in this case fear for their safety."

Jordan admitted to being afraid of testifying at trial and lying when originally asked about how committed the murder.

"Who are you scared of," Wolff asked him. "C-Murder," he replied.

"I grabbed C-Murder and told him to chill out. He tried to weasel his way in. And when he did, gunshots, no, one gunshot... Miller stuck his hand under the pile. That's when I saw the muzzle flash."

Yo! Raps will keep you posted as more details in the case become available.

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