Sunday, July 19, 2009

Remy Ma Pens Another Letter, Slams The Media

In a recent letter from behind the bars of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women rapper Remy Ma let loose on the media for what she considers irresponsible reporting.
Although she failed to reveal a direct target for her anger, the former first lady of Terror Squad explained her issues with the modern media in a letter posted to Global Grind.

"I used to be one of those people that watched the news and bought the newspaper everyday and believed that everything that I was seeing and reading was true; up until the point where I ended up in their reports in a negative light," she wrote. "Now I only read the papers for the horoscopes and the comics and I only watch the news for the lottery numbers. They couldn't even get my name or age right, more less the color of my vehicle that was right behind them parked in front of the precinct. Many reporters get their information at 4th, 3rd, 2nd hand at best. They're at liberty to word a headline however they see fit in order to sell the highest number of papers but rarely do they take a moment to stop and think that this is someone's life that they're tampering with, someone with a family, someone that might have children."

Remy's husband, rapper Papoose, also recently addressed the media regarding his wife's condition and his own personal issues with the New York Post and their reports that he caused a prison riot.

"Remy, she's maintaining and she's getting through it," Pap explained in an interview with Jenny Boom Boom. "I visit her every other day at this point and kids want autographs from both of us. In the beginning I was there everyday, but I got a lot of things to maintain out here so I'm there every other day. Yup [we're married.]...[The wedding] was the best it could possibly be. It's something that I'm proud of and we're gonna stick by each other...Her son is good money, he's maintaining. He goes to see her from time to time...We're just teaching him the right things, letting him know his mother is gonna be out here soon...Dudes really don't hold females down when it comes to these situations. Real people do real things, I do it from the heart...[The Rikers Island rumors] is the New York Post once again taking shots at me. I mean it's true I went there to do a show, I went to Rikers Island before for an inmate, when I went there, it was smooth, the inmates had a good time, nothing happened...I would have been arrested if that happened."

Remy Ma is currently serving an 8 year sentence for the shooting of a friend. She was sentenced in May 2008.

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