Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nas Ordered To Pay Kelis Spousal And Child Support

Looks like the former Mrs. Jones will be able to afford to keep it "bossy" after all.

According to the Associated Press, Kelis is set to receive a sizable sum in both spousal and child support payments from her estranged husband. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled Thursday (July 23) that Nas must pay Kelis approximately $44,000 a month in support and an additional $45,000 to pay for her legal costs and fees due to her forensic accountant.

The ruling is yet another blow for the Ether rapper who has suffered a string of misfortune in his private life ranging from the infidelity claims that followed the unexpected divorce filing last April to his alleged ill-timed appearance at a NY hospital which caused him to miss the birth of his son just recently. Overall, the core of Nas' personal nuisance is the clash between him and Kelis concerning their divorce proceedings which has turned bitter because of financial issues. In papers filed with the court, Kelis maintains that Nas "financially abandoned" her during her pregnancy. However, Nas' lawyer claims his client paid covered $30,000 in expenses toward the birth and maintained Kelis' health-insurance costs.

Fortunately for Nas, the court ruling is only temporary. The follow-up hearing is set for September 8 where it will be determined if the amount of monthly support paid to Kelis should be amended.

As of press time, representatives for Kelis' lawyer declined to comment or confirm the information. Nas has yet to comment on the family court ruling but it's almost certain he will appeal the ruling.

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  1. Fortunately for Nas, the court ruling is only temporary, so i wish him good luck !