Thursday, July 16, 2009

C-Murder Associate Confesses To Fatal Shooting

An incarcerated friend of C-Murder (born Corey Miller) has admitted to the fatal shooting of the teenager for which the rapper is currently facing murder charges.
Miller's friend, Juan Flowers, has reportedly told authorities that although he is the one who pulled the trigger, neither him or the rapper are responsible for the murder of 16-year-old Steve Thomas.

Flowers is also currently in jail, serving a life sentence for an unrelated murder in Georgia.

His admission comes just weeks before Miller is set to be retried for Thomas' murder.

In an effort to save his client's freedom, Miller's attorney, Ron Rakosky, is requesting Flowers be transported from Georgia to testify at his trial, says NOLA News.

"Juan Edwin Flowers has stated under oath that it was he who fired the shot which killed Steve Thomas," Rakosky wrote in his request. "His testimony is therefore relevant and he is a material witness."

Miller was convicted of the homicide in 2003, but the ruling was overturned because of alleged prosecutorial misconduct.

If convicted, Miller is facing a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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