Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Papoose Takes Shots At Fat Joe

Remy Ma's better half Papoose took the stage at a concert last week to deliver a few barb-laced bars to Fat Joe.

Papoose let it all hang out when it came to Fat Joe while performing at a "Live From The Planet" event, even resorting to wishing for his apparent nemesis' death in place of pop icon Michael Jackson.

"Eh yo, check this out," Pap told the crowd. "R-I-P to Michael Jackson/I'm sad you had to go/Instead of you dying, it should have been Fat Joe ...I heard Fat Joe try to say he ain't get snuffed/Somebody put something in his mouth, my zipper's stuck...When he on-stage he don't get a lot of feedback...Even Fat Joe was forced to lean back."

Papoose and Joe were reportedly involved in a physical altercation, which Joe claims to have won, sometime last year.

"I don't have nothing to gain from putting out stories that I beat up Papoose," Joe told MTV in a previous interview. "Papoose, this is an approach he chose. He felt he was taking a negative and turning it into a positive, but in the long run, time tells the truth. Time will tell."

Although scarce on the details, Papoose also spoke on the scuffle with Joe in a 2008 interview with Sixshot saying, "What happens in the streets stays in the streets. It was definitely an altercation. I stood tall. Yes, I invited [Joe] for a fair [one-on-one fight], he refused. Yes, I put my hands on him. That's all I'm saying."

At press time, Joe had yet to respond to Papoose's attack.

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