Friday, November 6, 2009

Yung Joc Gets Released From Bad Boy/Block Ent.: "I'm Doing My Own Thing Now"

Months of public bashing and behind-the-scenes flip flopping have been punctuated with Yung Joc's freedom from the record label shackles that bound him.

Joc took to Baller Status to divulge the details surrounding his long awaited release from the labels, a process he says has already begun.

"I just got my release and one of the terms of the release was a defamation clause, so honestly, I can't really talk about it too much," Joc revealed. "I've been released, severed the business ties. May God bless them and their regime, but I'm doing my own thing now. I'm actually in negotiations right now with a few labels. I just choose not to call out the different entities. Things are looking very good, God is very good. When I was going through this whole thing with the Bad Boy/Block situation, I didn't know what the other side was going to be. I didn't know if there was going to be light on the other end. I was hopeful, but it's actually working out for the best. I ain't mad, nobody's mad right now, everything is good."

Joc previously dished on his relationship with Diddy and the powers that be at Block Ent. in an unfavorable interview with Billboard over the summer.

"I haven't been paid any royalties since I've been out, after over a million albums sold," Joc said. "For my first album, they gave me a $25,000 advance when I was supposed to get more... Then I had a million dollar budget for my second album, never even got an advance off of it. For the third one they hit me with another $25,000, like I'm some chump in this sh*t. And I just got tired of it... Diddy said he's got to stay out of it because it's between me and Block Entertainment. I was never signed to Block Entertainment, but they've been interfering with a lot of my business. I feel like [Bad Boy] isn't doing anything to try to intervene and help the situation."

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