Friday, November 6, 2009

Chris Brown's Tour A Flop? His Camp Says No

Chris Brown's camp went into damage control mode when rumors began to circulate that the singer's career was so wounded by the Rihanna incident that no one was buying tickets to his upcoming "Fan Appreciation" tour.
Yo! Raps previously dropped the news of Brown's new mini tour in anticipation for the release of his new album Graffiti.

Despite heavy promotional pushes, however, word around town was that Brown's name was so tainted sellers couldn't give away the tickets, much less get people to purchase them.

With motives of rescuing the singer from worsening public image, his camp quickly pounced on the rumors, dismissing them as inaccurate.

"Dates are expected to sell out, and given the economic climate, ticket sales... are doing very well. In fact, at the Nokia in NYC approximately 1800 out of 2100 tickets were sold in just 4 days. Additionally, the Atlanta show is sold out and 644 tickets were sold in Connecticut in 1 hour," a statement reportedly attributed to Brown's agent read.

In addition to his tour, Brown also recently decided to move up the release date for the album.

Instead of dropping on December 15th, the album will now grace stores on the 8th.


  1. Fuck Chris Brown that women womanizer/beater.

  2. does it ever end??? he's still got the talent and that's what consumers are paying for.