Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beanie Sigel Fires Shots At Jay-Z, "F You Too And F Bleek Three"

ay-Z and Beanie Sigel have been engaged in some sort of unspoken psuedo-war since the days of the demise of Roc-A-Fella, one that has now spilled over into a diss track from the Philadelphia native with claims of disloyalty.

Sigel debuted his track, Average Cat, early this morning (October 30) via HOT 97's DJ Kay Slay.

Though he doesn't air out all of their dirty laundry for the world to see, Sig did pull the curtain back on a shocking incident he says occured during Jay's live televised performance at Madison Square Garden on September 11.

"The rapper Shawn called the police on me/cause I was front row at the Blueprint 3," Sigel raps over the track. "S**t, I just wanted to see him MC, and reminisce on when we was the R.O.C./But he called all the C.O.Ps, not only that, he brought out the F.E.Ds/So that's telling me "F You Sieg,/so F you too and F Bleek three."

Sigel went on to claim to have information potentially damaging to Jay's relationship with Beyonce before dropping a non lyrical explaination of why he decided to come at his "brother."

"I think I held my tongue long enough about this whole Roc-A-Fella situation," said Sigel, apparently seething with emotion. "I was the realest thing that happened to the Roc. The Roc was just a rock. I brought the Fellas to Roc-A-Fella Records; Hot 97, State Prop, y'all remember. I brought the street cred to that. I fought all them battles: Jadakiss, Nas, Dipset. Anybody you woulda told me to go after. Matter of fact, you ain't even have to tell me. I frontlined for that thing of ours, for that diamond that people was throwin' up. I'da took a bullet at that time."

Beans continued to throw accusations at Jay, calling him out for not visiting him during his 2004 incarceration.

Although he's taking the emcee to task for what he seems to consider betrayal, Beans concluded his venting with a disclaimer about other rappers coming at Jay.

"This ain't the green light for everybody to start making Jay-Z diss records. I still got love for the nigga. This just me taking my brother out in the yard for 5 minutes because I got a knot in my chest that needs to get unloosened. When you got love for a motherfucker it just don't go away that easy. See many people gone walk in and out your life dog but only real friends leave footprints on your heart dog but I think yours fading in the sand. The richest man ain't the one with his first dollar dog�€¦ he's the one who still got his first friend. Roc-A-Fella for life nigga."

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