Friday, May 29, 2009

Collabo Album Between Eminem & 50 Cent In The Works?

DJ Whoo Kid revealed that Eminem and 50 Cent may work on an entire collabo project in the future.

"They been talking about that shit for years," Whoo Kid said. "We even talked about it in the mixtape format. It's an incredible situation [that] I hope one day goes down. Who wouldn't want to see that? I don't know what they gonna call that. I remember Em joked about that, 'Let's call it Ebony and Ivory.' Society is gonna have to force these guys to do it ... the scheduling, Em's album, 50's album - it's all scheduling. We've talked about it the last three, four years. You would want to see it, right?"

"I don't think Em and 50 will ever get it together to do an album," journalist Elliott Wilson told MTV Mixtape Daily. "I know there was talk of [a joint album] when 50 first blew up and it was gonna be called 'Black and White'. I personally love that title," the founder and CEO of continued. "I'm sure there are plenty of unreleased records they've done and some kinda compilation could be released one day. But as far as a full-fledged album recorded together, that's doubtful. Then again, this is hip-hop, so what the fuck do we know?"

Whoo Kid added that when Em and 50 are in studio, they push each other to the next level.

"The element of Dre being there, too, brings their bars up," Whoo Kid said. "They're both excited, crazy. They're already excited with each other. You see the verses are way up there, the creativity is way up there. 50 is influenced by [Em's] creativity where he crosses the line. The only time you see 50 buggin' out is when they're together. Whereas when 50's solo, he's creative too, but into the gangsta world, the thug shit. Em showed him there's other lines out there you can fuck with.

"In the beginning it was business," Whoo Kid continued about 50 and Em's relationship. "They naturally grew into a family-type bond. 50 hangs more with Eminem and he's more connected with Eminem than Dre. Not to say 50 and Dre don't get along - they're really cool, they're friends and everything, but it's mostly business. But 50's gonna go to Eminem's wedding, 50's gonna go to Eminem's barbecue, they're gonna go on vacation together. They're more into the family shit."

"Although I've never been around Eminem and 50 together," Wilson told MTV Mixtape Daily, "I believe that their friendship is built on loyalty and trust. I think 50 is Em's biggest fan and supporter who always shows his appreciation to Marshall for enabling him to build an incredible life. He doesn't even know how to not show that gratitude. And 50's probably one of the few people in this world Em can truly confide in."

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