Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Suge Knight "Disappointed" Over Results Of Kanye West Meeting

Kanye West and Suge Knight attended a deposition this past Friday (June 18) in New York City regarding the night of the 2005 club shooting that took place in Miami.

According to reports, the rapper did not offer any information to the former rap mogul’s legal team as they questioned him for six hours behind closed doors. But West did deny having anything to do with the security arrangements at the venue.

“He [West] basically put his hands over his head and didn’t say anything for six hours,” said Knight’s lawyer Marc Brumer to the New York Post. “He evidently doesn’t know anything about anything, despite the fact that he hosted the party.”

Knight also commented on the session and said that he was not happy with the way things went. “I figured I could sit him down, man to man, and get this resolved. I’m disappointed,” he said. “My whole thing is: I’m not here to put nobody behind bars.”

Knight is suing West and the owner’s of the Shore Club in Miami for not providing enough security at the 2005 shindig. An unidentified gunman came into the party, which was being hosted by West, and opened fire. Knight was shot during the incident and suffered a shattered femur. He is seeking to recoup $200,000 in medical expenses and is looking for more than $1 million in total damages.

The trial for the civil suit is scheduled to begin on December 6th in Miami.