Friday, September 4, 2009

Play-N-Skillz Ink Distribution Deal With SRC Records

Fresh on the heels of Dorrough's successful debut album, the Dallas sound continues to tighten its strangle hold on the Rap game.

Play-N-Skillz, the Dallas production duo known for crafting such hits as Chamillionaire's Ridin' , Lil Wayne's Got Money and Kia Shine's So Krispy, recently signed a deal with SRC Records.

The Grammy-award-winning brothers, Juan "Play" and Oscar "Skillz" Salinas, that they just inked the deal last week with label head Steve Rifkind. "They gave us a joint venture/distribution deal," Play said. "But it's not just producers and artists, we're going over there as executives as well," he explained. "They're giving us the power to put out the records, market the record, you know the whole nine, so it's a beautiful situation."

The production duo has always been ambassadors of the Dallas sound and movement, so this will be interesting to watch the effects of this signing on the growth of their home cities' music scene. Besides Lil Wayne and Chamillionaire, the duo has also worked with Dallas vets such as Big Tuck and Tumzilla of 2006's Caprice Muzik fame.

Play-N-Skillz, had previously released their own solo album, The Process (2004), via Asylum's roster. "We wanna thank Asylum Records for sticking through everything in the last couple of years we were signed to them, but we're off Asylum and we got our new situation," Play noted. The duo has plans to drop their sophomore disc, Out Tha Box soon.

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